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Trang Hue Vietnamese Food and Catering brings the vibrant flavours of Hue, Vietnam to the heart of Central West NSW, delighting locals with an authentic culinary experience.


Specializing in traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Trang Hue takes pride in using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to craft dishes that capture the essence of Vietnamese culture. From savory pho with rich broth and tender noodles to flavorful banh mi roll filled with bbq meats and fresh salad, each bite is a journey to the streets of Vietnam.

The catering service offered by Trang Hue extends this culinary adventure to events and gatherings throughout the region, allowing locals to savour the exquisite taste of Vietnamese cuisine in the comfort of their own celebrations.


Whether it's a wedding, family gathering, corporate event, or special occasion, Trang Hue Vietnamese Catering brings the warmth and authenticity of Vietnamese hospitality to Central West NSW, creating memorable dining experiences that linger in the hearts and palates of all who indulge.


Traditional Vietnamese Street Food
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Central West NSW

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